BASE Diseño e Innovación. Volumen 6 n° 5, 2021

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    Diseño y desafíos globales / Design and Global Challenges
    (Universidad del Desarrollo. Facultad de Diseño, 2021) Facultad de Diseño, Universidad del Desarrollo; Bravo Colomer, Úrsula
    Este volumen tiene el propósito de difundir el rol del diseño como catalizador de procesos de innovación para un desarrollo sostenible. La revista es una plataforma de reflexión y conversación entre distintas disciplinas y actores provenientes de la academia, la industria, el Estado y las organizaciones civiles, cuyo hilo conductor es el diseño. La publicación incluye una sección monográfica de divulgación con reportajes, entrevistas, columnas de opinión y reportajes gráficos, y una sección académica con artículos de investigación, ensayos y experiencias docentes en el área del diseño. This volume aims to disseminate the role of design as a catalyst for innovation processes for sustainable development. The magazine is a platform for reflection and conversation between different disciplines and actors from academia, industry, the State and civil organizations, whose common thread is design. The publication includes a monographic disclosure section with reports, interviews, opinion columns and graphic reports, and an academic section with research articles, essays and teaching experiences in design education
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    Con la urgencia del ahora / With the urgency of today
    (Universidad del Desarrollo: Facultad de Diseño, 2021) Amenábar, Alejandra
    It is time to use our tools, our creativity and our particular way of thinking, doing and creating, to propose innovative answers to the complex problems that surround us. The invitation is to integrate design thinking into the resolution of global challenges. We propose these pages to start that urgent conversation. Time is running out. And the minute to add creatives into the team is today
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    Nuestros desafíos globales / Our global challenges
    (Universidad del Desarrollo: Facultad de Diseño, 2021) Bravo Colomer, Ursula
    Today we need to take the conversation to the next stage and recognize that the celebrated triad of technical feasibility, economic viability and desirability is not enough because an innovation that does not consider the social, economic and environmental context is no longer sustainable. And here the word is not accidental: the living system that humanity has created cannot be sustained over time and is compromising the existence of the species that populate the Planet, including our own
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    El futuro que anhelamos / The future we hope for
    (Universidad del Desarrollo: Facultad de Diseño, 2021) Rucks, Silvia
    Design is a valuable discipline for the creation of innovative public policies to advance the objectives and goals of the 2030 Agenda. The 17 SDGs are multidimensional and their challenges create the need to seek for increasingly creative, innovative, sustainable and egalitarian solutions, for which design is an indispensable tool. This multifaceted discipline must play an important role in the great challenge of generating socially fairer initiatives and products, healthier and more environmentally sustainable economies. One more example that shows that, regardless of our occupation, we all can and should contribute in achieving the 2030 Agenda. Design is definitely becoming more important worldwide, not just in Latin American. It has deepened its impact in various areas. Innovation in the world of design is critical to improve the quality of life of communities, and can become a very important part of deepening work for sustainable development.
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    Diseño para la sostenibilidad. Soluciones a largo plazo para un problema complejo / Design for Sustainability. Long Term Solutions for a Complex Problem
    (Universidad del Desarrollo. Facultad de Diseño, 2021) Huerta, Óscar
    This article is aimed at an audience of designers and nondesigners that make design related decisions. A background of sustainability is presented and some relevant approaches are discussed in order to understand its meaning and terminology. How sustainability can be measured is presented as well. Then, three approaches to design for sustainability are reviewed that cover from high level decision making to more detailed design guidelines of goods and services. These are the natural step, cradle to cradle design, and life cycle design. the specific characteristics of these approaches are dealtwith, with a focus on how they should be implemented so that they actually enable sustainability. Then, a sort of integration is proposed, in order to clarify specific core aspects that shall be considered when making design related decisions for sustainability. Finally, a focus is put on Chile as a country that is working on its sustainable development. Decisions related to products can be more orless sustainable, and design plays an important role here. Good design decisions for sustainability can be made, both for products made locally and imported.