Human-animal mutualism in regenerative entrepreneurship



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In this paper, we explore the micro-interactions through which a regenerative enterprise engages with proximate natural ecosystems in its attempt to repair and protect them. Through an ethnographic study of a regenerative farming enterprise in rural Southern Patagonia - Fundo Panguilemu - we discover a reciprocal relationship between the enterprise and animals, central to their regenerative efforts. This relationship is formed and actively maintained by the founders through three practices - joint rewilding, ambivalent relationality, and task interdependence. We leverage nature relatedness to conceptualize the relationship between these practices as human-animal mutualism in regenerative work. We advance regenerative entrepreneurship research by revealing novel human-nature interactions formed and fostered by a rural enterprise in the pursuit of local regeneration and expand our understanding of micro-level phenomena in rural entrepreneurship



Regenerative entrepreneurship, Rural entrepreneurship, Mutualism, Human animal work, Rural Patagonia, Nature relatedness


Muñoz, P. Hernández, M. 2024. Human-animal mutualism in regenerative entrepreneurship. Forthcoming, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.