Workshop: How to Design to Improve Life Compass, a problem-solving tool by The Index Project








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The current context derived from the Covid-19 pandemic has abruptly modified what we knew as “the education system” globally. If before education was located mainly in the classroom, today the hybrid modality makes educational dynamics more complex and must focus on the development of critical thinking skills to foster autonomy and problem-solving abilities in teachers and students. Educators more than ever need to prepare students to work and thrive in an unknown future scenario. Professionals in the future will need to lead sustainable innovation by considering the longterm implications of their design solutions in every field. This workshop is an introduction to the Compass® methodology developed by The Index Project®. The Compass is a flexible frame of action to organize, structure, and manage problem-solving processes. The difference between this method and other design thinking models is its focus on maintaining coherence between form, impact, and context in every phase of the design process to evaluate solutions holistically and sustainably to improve people’s lives.



Cortés, C. ., Alesandro, M. (2021). How to Design to Improve Life: Compass, a problem-solving tool by The Index Project. In E. Bohemia, L. M. Nielsen, L. Pan, N. A. G. Z. Börekçi, & Y. Zhang (Eds.), Proceedings of the DRS Learn X Design 2021: 6th International Conference for Design Education Researchers (Vol. 1, pp. 216–220). Design Research Society. doi:10.21606/drs_lxd2021.03.143


Design thinking, Problem-solving methods, Compass methodology, Design to improve life