Design of an eOSCE for the Chilean Healthcare Context







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Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is the standard to assess and train clinical skills in healthcare students. However, conducting an OSCE demands expensive resources such as time, qualified personnel, and adequate facilities. The aim to provide more cost-effective examinations has promoted the emergence of electronic versions of OSCEs (eOSCEs). However, existing eOSCEs available in the market do not adequately adapt to diverse local contexts. For a Spanish-speaking country such as Chile, implementing foreign eOSCEs requires to adjust the examination to unfamiliar terminology, archetypes, and procedures, thus hindering the quality of the assessment. This article reports on the design of Ch-eOSCE, an eOSCE tailored for the Chilean local context and culture. Ch-eOSCE is comprised of a mobile application and a back-end system. A prototype of the application was developed and tested with three healthcare experts to gather their perception of usability and coherence, yielding an overall evaluation of 4.5 in a scale range of 5. The preliminary results reveal that Ch-eOSCE has the potential to become a viable solution for a context-specific eOSCE for the Chilean healthcare context.



Zamorano, F., Reyes, M., Espinoza, G., & Reyes, E.-P. (2022). Design of an eOSCE for the Chilean Healthcare Context. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 18(13), pp. 56–72.


Objective structured clinical examination, Assessment, Chile, Healthcare training, eOSCE, Local culture, Mobile application design