¿Qué podemos hacer por el diseño? Establecer las preguntas de diseño, replantear el desafío / What can we do for design? Setting the design questions, reframing the challenge

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Maccagnani, Simona
Weirich, Gabriel
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Universidad del Desarrollo. Facultad de Diseño
Notwithstanding the long-term relation between design and sustainability and the design community’s quick reaction to the 5676 agenda, recent events have renewed the sense of urgency for the need to review the relationship between design and the SDGS.The exceptional times we are experiencing, with their increasing complexity and constant accelerating environmental and cultural nonlinear transformation,require of us a reflection to our default position towards well-being (life-, work-, opportunities …), a greater understanding of sustainable development and a critical perspective on what design can do. Reflecting on “what design can do” we should realize that design is multifold,that there is not one nor “the” design interrelating with the global goals - on a clearer look at design it unfolds inmultiple identities and multiple creative intelligences each of them with its own set of interacting codes with the SDGS.against this backdrop four design identities were put in the spotlight for discovery and discussion: design as facilitator- design as two-phase catalyst – design as savior – designas common ground. exploring these identities in association to the global goals intends to shine a light on the role that design histories and presents can play in transforming our world
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Desarrollo sostenible , Diseño
Base, Diseño e Innovación, 2021, Vol.6, N°5, pp.138-143