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Abdominal pain as the main symptom of perimyocarditis: A case report

Show simple item record Brito, Florencia Haryati, Sari 2020-08-28T14:38:45Z 2020-08-28T14:38:45Z 2020
dc.identifier.citation Brito F, Haryati S. Abdominal pain as the main symptom of perimyocarditis: A case report. Revista Confluencia, 2(1):110-113;2020
dc.description Estudio de Caso
dc.description.abstract Introduction: acute myocardial inflammation with pericardial involvement may frequently occur with a clinical presentation of chest pain, pericarditis or pseudo-ischemic, sign of heart failure, palpitation, or unexplained arrhythmia. There is limited information about clinical presentation with symptoms different to those related to the cardiovascular sphere. Objetive: the purpose of this case report is to expose a different and unknown clinical presentation of perimyocarditis. Methodology: the methodology of this clinical case is based on the compilation of information about the medical history of the patient and the details of the clinical presentation of the current case. Furthermore, it is based on an exhaustive follow-up of the patient's evolution during the hospitalization. All of the above was done with the consent of the patient, its family, and with the supervision of the doctor in charge of the intensive care unit of the cardiology department. Discussion:if the different symptoms that perimyocarditis can presentare not reported, it is difficult to opportunely diagnose it. This has a great impact on health centers that are lacking of technology and basic supplies to diagnose perimyocarditis, having at their disposal only the anamnesis and physical examination to determine their diagnoses. Conclusion:the medical community should include epigastric pain as a possible clinical symptom of an acute myocardial inflammation with concomitant pericardial involvement in order to make better decisions, reach to the correct early diagnosis, and prompt treatment to the patient. es
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Facultad de Medicina, Clínica Alemana Universidad del Desarrollo
dc.subject Myocarditis
dc.subject Perimyocarditis
dc.subject Pericarditis
dc.subject Epigastric pain
dc.subject Cardiogenic shock
dc.title Abdominal pain as the main symptom of perimyocarditis: A case report
dc.type Article

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