"Scenographies of Evil " From the aesthetics of horror to infamous characters

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Godoy Contreras, Iván
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The war will be, precisely, the favorable scenario for the abuse of corpses for political reasons where two elements, which are consubstantial to Evil, converge. The first one points to the negation of the Other as a human being and subject of laws, which enables the aggressor to act cruelly on his victim. The second one refers to the gradual "spectacularization" of the corpse, whose images reveal cruelty against the Other. From art to digital images, the scenographies of Evil unfold in a polysemic manner. Drama, therefore, occurs in the staging of the other's suffering; it not only resides on the face of pain and the death cry of the defeated, or in the pleasure, courage or bravery of his executioner, but also on the afterlife, in the use and abuse of the enemy's corpse to prolong the damage and pain, directly or indirectly of the mourner and his community.
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Evil , Violence , Cruelty , Horror , Terrorism
Godoy Contreras, I. (2017). “Escenografías del mal” De las estéticas del horror a las figuras de lo infame. Co-Herencia, 14(26), 59–86. https://doi.org/10.17230/co-herencia.14.26.3