Entrepreneurial opportunities in peripheral versus core regions in Chile

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Amorós, José Ernesto
Felzensztein, Christian
Gimmon, Eli
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In this article, we estimated the value of a statistical life and the value of a statistical injury (VSI) for Chilean workers using a combination of data from the year 2006 from the Chilean National Socio-Economic Survey, which provides workers’ characteristics, and annual statistics from the Chilean Safety Association, which provide labor accident risk data. We estimated a hedonic log-wage equation taking into account of selection bias and endogeneity. The estimated value of a statistical life was US$4,625,958, which increased by almost a factor three after correcting for endogeneity (US$12,826,520). On the other hand, the estimated VSI was US$30,840. The uncorrected results were lower than the values reported by other authors for various developed countries, but greater than those estimated using indirect approaches for Chile.
Palabras clave
Entrepreneurship framework conditions , Regional policy , Global Entrepreneurship Monitor , Chile , Entrepreneurship
Small Business Economics, 2013, 40 (1):119-139