A Robust Statistical Methodology for Measuring Enterprise Agility



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In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, economic fluctuations, andglobal competition, adaptability and resilience have become critical success factors for businessesnavigating uncertainty and complexity. This article explores the role of enterprise agility in today’sbusiness landscape at Latam branch of Tata Consultancy Services, where organizations face complexand diverse operations. We aim to examine how companies can become more agile in the faceof emerging challenges and seize opportunities swiftly to drive growth and deliver value. Since2014, the division has embarked on an agile transformation journey to drive growth, deliver value,foster innovation, and build resilience in an increasingly dynamic environment. We scrutinizean approach to measuring and enhancing enterprise agility, employing statistical analysis andcontinuous improvement methodologies to tackle real-world challenges while offering valuableinsights and recommendations for organizations aiming to implement similar systems. The resultsof an agile transformation in a certain company’s Latam branch serve as a compelling case study,demonstrating how the implementation of targeted measures and continuous improvement cansignificantly bolster enterprise agility. Methodologically, our work applies a novel sequence ofparametric statistical tests which, to the best of our knowledge, have not been used in the industryto validate the results of business agility metrics. In future work, we aim to create a new workflowconsidering non-parametric tests to address data with other statistical distributions. We conclude ourwork by proposing a sequence of steps for organizations to implement business agility metrics



Business agility, Enterprise agility, Organizational transformation, Data analytics, Statistics, Metrics


Moraga-Díaz, R.;Leiva-Araos, A.; García, J. A RobustStatistical Methodology forMeasuring Enterprise Agility. Appl.Sci.2023,13, 8445.