Validation of the chilean version of the ages and stages questionnaire (ASQ-CL) in community health settings

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Armijo, Iván
Schonhaut, Luisa
Cordero, Miguel
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OBJECTIVE: To validate the translated and cross culturally adapted Chilean version of the 8 and 18month Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-CL) in a community sample. METHODS: PARTICIPANTS: Parents of 1572 term children (82.9%) and 324 children at risk for developmental delay (17.1%) were included. INSTRUMENT: ASQ-3rd edition translated and culturally adapted for Chilean urban population. MAIN MEASURES: 8 and 18months ASQ-CL reliability, validity and mean scores. Feasibility was assessed using qualitative methods in healthcare professionals and mothers. RESULTS: ASQ-CL mean scores were comparable to U.S. normative data. The overall total score and all domains were reliable (Cronbach alpha 0.66-0.85). Test-retest and inter-rater reliability were high (Pearson's r range 0.73-0.94; intraclass correlation r range 0.68-0.93). Early preterm infants were more likely to fail on several criteria. Qualitative methods confirmed ASQ-CL as a feasible tool in this Chilean urban community. CONCLUSIONS: ASQ-CL is a valid, reliable and feasible tool for assessing development in children at 8 and 18months in Chilean urban population.
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Ages and Stages , Child Development , Screening tests , Validation
Armijo I, Schonhaut L, Cordero M. Validation of the Chilean version of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-CL) in Community Health Settings. Early Hum Dev. 2015 Dec;91(12):671-6.