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  • Laslett, Anne-Marie; Rankin, Georgia; Waleewong, Orratai; Callinan, Sarah; Hoangs, Hanh T. M.; Florenzano, Ramón; Hettige, Siri; Obot, Isidore; Siengsounthone, Latsamy; Ibanga, Akanidomo; Hope, Ann; Vu, Hanh T. M.; Thamarangsi, Thaksaphon; Rekve, Dag; Room, Robin (2017)
    Objective: This study aims to ascertain and compare the prevalence and correlates of alcohol-related harms to children cross-nationally. Method: National and regional sample surveys of randomly selected households included ...
  • Callinan, Sarah; Laslett, Anne-Marie; Rekve, Dag; Room, Robin; Waleewong, Orratai; Benegal, Vivek; Huckle, Taisia; Florenzano, Ramón; Casswell, Sally; Hanh, Hoang Thi My; Hettige, Siri; Ibanga, Akanidomo; Obot, Isidore; Rao, Girish; Siengsounthone, Latsamy; Ranki, Georgia; Thamarangsi, Thaksaphon (2016)
    Abstract Aims: This paper outlines the methods of a collaborative population survey project measuring the range and magnitude of alcohol’s harm to others internationally. Setting: Seven countries participating in the World ...
  • Laslett, Anne-Marie; Stanesby, Oliver; Graham, Kathryn; Callinan, Sarah; Karriker-Jaffe, Katherine J.; Wilsnack, Sharon; Kuntsche, Sandra; Waleewong, Orratai; Greenfield, Thomas K.; Gmel, Gerhard; Florenzano, Ramon; Hettige, Siri; Siengsounthone, Latsamy; Wilson, Ingrid M.; Taft, Angela; Room, Robin (2019)
    Aim: To study caregiver reports of children’s experience of physical harm and exposure to family violence due to others’ drinking in nine societies, assess the relationship of harm with household drinking pattern and ...
  • Laslett, Anne-Marie Louise; Waleewong, Orratai; Obot, Isidore; Benegal, Vivek; Hettige, Siri; Florenzano, Ramón; Hoang Thi My Hanh; Rao, Girish N.; Room, Robin (2016)
    AIMS - As part of the WHO Harm from others' drinking project, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Chile, Nigeria and Vietnam undertook scoping studies to examine: which service agencies in low and middle income countries responded ...

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