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  • Repetto, Gabriela; Puga, Alonso; Delgado, Iris (Sociedad de Biología de Chile, 2007)
    Cystic fibrosis (CF) is caused by mutations in the CFTR gene. More than 1600 mutations have been described, with frequencies that differ worldwide according to the ethnic origin of patients. A small group of mutations are ...
  • Melloni, Margherita; Billeke, Pablo; Baez, Sandra; Hesse, Eugenia; De la Fuente, Laura; Forno, Gonzalo; Birba, Agustina; García-Cordero, Indira; Serrano, Cecilia; Plastino, Angelo; Slachevsky, Andrea; Huepe, David; Sigman, Mariano; Manes, Facundo; García, Adolfo; Sedeño, Lucas; Ibáñez, Agustín (01/09/2016)
    Recursive social decision-making requires the use of flexible, context-sensitive long-term strategies for negotiation. To succeed in social bargaining, participants' own perspectives must be dynamically integrated with ...
  • Weitzel, Thomas; Cortes, Claudia (American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2016)
    A 28-year-old, otherwise healthy Chilean man presented in December 2015 with fever, headache, and myalgia. He had returned, 2 days ago, from a tourist trip to Colombia, where he had visited Bogota and the northern region ...

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