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Reducción de volumen pulmonar endoscópica en enfisema pulmonar avanzado. Casos clínicos

Show simple item record Fernandez-Bussy, Sebastián Labarca, Gonzalo Caviedes, Iván Mehta, Hiren Jantz, Michael Majid, Adnan 2018-01-24T13:56:41Z 2018-01-24T13:56:41Z 2017
dc.identifier.citation Rev Med Chile 2017; 145: 667-672 es_CL
dc.identifier.uri es_CL
dc.description.abstract Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has no curative treatment, and in moderate to advanced stages, functional parameters and quality of life are affected. Lung volume reduction improves respiratory parameters and quality of life of these patients. Endoscopic lung volume reduction is a minimally invasive procedure that uses endobronchial valves or coils. Valves are unidirectional, blocking the air from entering the target lobe during inspiration, allowing the exit of air and secretions during expiration. Complete fissure and absence of collateral ventilation are needed for an adequate functioning of endobronchial valves. Endobronchial coils cause mechanical retraction of the lung parenchyma. We report two patients who underwent endoscopic lung volume reduction by endobronchial valves. One patient was on continuous positive pressure non-invasive ventilation due to his severe emphysema. es_CL
dc.format.extent 6 es_CL
dc.language.iso spa es_CL
dc.publisher Sociedad Medica de Santiago es_CL
dc.subject Bronchoscopy es_CL
dc.subject Pulmonary Disease es_CL
dc.subject Chronic Obstructive es_CL
dc.subject Pulmonary Emphysema es_CL
dc.title Reducción de volumen pulmonar endoscópica en enfisema pulmonar avanzado. Casos clínicos es_CL
dc.title.alternative Endoscopic lung volume reduction in advanced pulmonary emphysema: initial experience in Chile es_CL
dc.type Artículo es_CL

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