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Repositorio institucional que reúne, conserva y difunde la producción intelectual en formato digital de académicos e investigadores de la Universidad del Desarrollo.Ver Más

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  • Andrade, David; Lucero, Claudia; Toledo, Camilo; Madrid, Carlos; Marcus, Noah; Schultz, Harold; Del Río, Rodrigo (Hindawi Publishing Corp., 2015)
    Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a global health problem affecting millions of people. Autonomic dysfunction and disordered breathing patterns are commonly observed in patients with CHF, and both are strongly related to poor ...
  • Maria, Portales (Sociedad Medica de Santiago, 2015)
    BACKGROUND: Decision making concerning patients with advanced dementia is complicated. The indication of a gastrostomy is among these hard decisions, especially considering that there is no consensus about its real ...
  • Fernández-Bussy, Sebastián; Labarca, Gonzalo; Pires, Yumay; Díaz, Juan Carlos; Caviedes, Iván (American Association of Respiratory Care, 2015)
    Dendriform pulmonary ossification is a rare condition often diagnosed by either surgery or postmortem examination. We report a 43-y-old man with a history of nonproductive cough for 1 y. His physical examination was ...
  • Rousseau Solar, Fernanda María (Universidad del Desarrollo. Facultad de Diseño, 2016)
  • Arriagada Prüssing, Camila Andrea (Universidad del Desarrollo. Facultad de Diseño, 2016)