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Repositorio institucional que reúne, conserva y difunde la producción intelectual en formato digital de académicos e investigadores de la Universidad del Desarrollo.Ver Más

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  • Retamal, Mauricio; Reyes, Edison; Garcia, Isaac; Pinto, Bernardo; Martinez, Agustin; Gonzalez, Carlos (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2015)
    Hemichannels (HCs) and gap junction channels (GJCs) formed by protein subunits called connexins (Cxs) are major pathways for intercellular communication. While HCs connect the intracellular compartment with the extracellular ...
  • Andrade, David; Lucero, Claudia; Toledo, Camilo; Madrid, Carlos; Marcus, Noah; Schultz, Harold; Del Rio, Rodrigo (Hindawi Publishing Corp., 2015)
    Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a global health problem affecting millions of people. Autonomic dysfunction and disordered breathing patterns are commonly observed in patients with CHF, and both are strongly related to poor ...
  • Maria, Portales (Sociedad Medica de Santiago, 2015)
    BACKGROUND: Decision making concerning patients with advanced dementia is complicated. The indication of a gastrostomy is among these hard decisions, especially considering that there is no consensus about its real ...
  • Fernández-Bussy, Sebastián; Labarca, Gonzalo; Pires, Yumay; Díaz, Juan Carlos; Caviedes, Iván (American Association of Respiratory Care, 2015)
    Dendriform pulmonary ossification is a rare condition often diagnosed by either surgery or postmortem examination. We report a 43-y-old man with a history of nonproductive cough for 1 y. His physical examination was ...
  • Alfaro Inzunza, Jaime; Guzmán Piña, Javier; Oyarzún, Denise; Reyes Reyes, Fernando; Sirlopú, David; Varela T., Jorge (Universidad del Desarrollo. Facultad de Psicología, 2016)