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Lavado broncoalveolar y derrame pleural con hipereosinofilia. Caso clínico y revisión de la literatura

Show simple item record Fernández-Bussy, Sebastián Campos, Felipe Ogueta, Isabel Labarca, Gonzalo Cabello, Hernán 2017-05-10T12:26:59Z 2017-05-10T12:26:59Z 2016
dc.identifier.citation Rev Med Chil. 2016 Feb;144(2):262-6 es_CL
dc.identifier.uri es_CL
dc.description.abstract Chronic eosinophilic pneumonia (CEP) is uncommon and predominantly seen in women. More than 6% of eosinophils in peripheral blood and more than 25% in bronchoalveolar lavage are diagnostic criteria. Secondary causes of hypereosinophilic pneumonia must be ruled out. We report a 72-year-old non-smoker man presenting in the emergency room with a history of cough, fever, and moderate dyspnea. He was not taking any medication. A chest-X ray showed a left lower lobe (LLL) consolidation, and was started on broad-spectrum antibiotics with a presumptive diagnosis of pneumonia. There was no improvement after therapy. A chest CT scan showed increased LLL consolidation and new left upper lobe ground glass opacities as well as a moderate left pleural effusion. Flexible bronchoscopy was performed and bronchoalveolar lavage showed 95% eosinophils, and had negative cultures. No parasites were identified. Transbronchial biopsies demonstrated eosinophil accumulation in alveoli and interstitium and pleural fluid was composed by 85% eosinophils. With the diagnosis of CEP, systemic corticosteroids were used with favorable clinical and radiological response. es_CL
dc.format.extent 5 es_CL
dc.language.iso spa es_CL
dc.publisher Sociedad Medica de Santiago es_CL
dc.subject Eosinophilia es_CL
dc.subject Lung Diseases es_CL
dc.subject Pneumonia es_CL
dc.subject Pulmonary Eosinophilia es_CL
dc.title Lavado broncoalveolar y derrame pleural con hipereosinofilia. Caso clínico y revisión de la literatura es_CL
dc.title.alternative Chronic eosinophilic pneumonia. Report of one case es_CL
dc.type Artículo es_CL

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