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Síndrome de nistagmo vertical hacia abajo: Reporte de 2 casos y revisión de la literatura

Show simple item record Sotomayor, Daniel Breinbauer, Hayo 2018-01-04T12:10:16Z 2018-01-04T12:10:16Z 2016
dc.identifier.citation Rev. Otorrinolaringol. Cir. Cabeza Cuello 2016; 76: 63-70
dc.description.abstract Downbeat nystagmus syndrome (DBN) is a frequent form of acquired fixation nystagmus, it presents with persisting nistagmus with fast phases directed downward, dizziness, oscillopsia and gait disturbances. It is considered a vestibulocerebellar disorder due to a bilateral defect of the Purkinje cells in the cerebellar flocculus. Most reported causes are degenerative disorders of the cerebellum and cerebellar ischemia, nevertheless the etiology remains unknown in a large percentage of patients (idiopathic form). DBN may present in a broader context of somatosensory neuropathy and cerebellar ataxia as in CANVAS syndrome. Therapeutic measures includes avoiding the supine and prone position when resting, vestibular rehabilitation, and pharmacologic treatment with aminopyridines, among others. In this article we present two cases of DBN and review of literature.
dc.format.extent 8
dc.language.iso spa
dc.publisher Sociedad Chilena de Otorrinolaringología, Medicina y Cirugía de Cabeza y Cuello
dc.subject Downbeat nystagmus
dc.subject cerebellar ataxia
dc.subject vestibular rehabilitation
dc.subject aminopyridine
dc.title Síndrome de nistagmo vertical hacia abajo: Reporte de 2 casos y revisión de la literatura
dc.title.alternative Downbeat nystagmus syndrome: A report of 2 cases and literature review
dc.type Artículo

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